Earn money on contextual advertising with Google Adsense

Today we will consider contextual advertising from Google and how to earn from Google.

Google AdSense is primarily a tool designed to make money on any sites (except GS) using contextual advertising.

And unlike Yandex Direct, it allows young sites to earn money since it has no restrictions on the minimum traffic.

In Yandex Direct, this is at least 300 visitors per day!

Payment in Adsense is made both for clicks on the context and for the number of impressions on the site.

Withdrawal of funds is carried out upon reaching $100 in the account.

But if there is no traffic on the site, then the first funds’ withdrawal can occur in half a year!.

So, whatever one may say, it is merely necessary to increase traffic to make money on the context.

But let’s digress from traffic and see how to sign up for Google Adsense, how much does Adsense pay and make the right settings.

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And so we go to the google contextual advertising site and register there.

For this, you need to click on the “register” button and register either by creating an account in Google or by logging into the system using an existing one!

Next, you need to fill out the proposed form by entering your address information in English.

Do not forget to indicate the postal code.

The street address can be written, for example, Lenon st. (or street).

A telephone with an international code (for example, I have a cell phone with a code of +7 instead of an internal eight).

We fill everything here reliably.

So that you can withdraw the earned money!

Have registered.

A letter came to the post office.

Registration has been confirmed.

The account is activated, you can start working with AdSense.

First of all, you need to go to the “My Ads” tab and add the ad unit to your site.

To do this, click the “+ New ad unit” button.

Then you can select the type and size of the ad, choose its color scheme.

They chose everything.

That’s all for now.

The code is ready.

It remains only to copy it and install it on the site where you want to see this ad.

For example, you can put it in my sidebar, put it in index.php, etc. wherever you want, the AdSense will not find it.

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Further, I recommend that after a while, say 5-7 days, go to Adsense on the Main page tab – “Account Settings” and see the access column for the Adsense robot:

If there are scanning errors, as I had 0 hits, eight errors, this is one run after the fix.

You need to indicate to the robot the main page of your site.

Well, it is desirable to allow all pages where it could not reach.

You will see the list when entering these settings.

Do not be afraid.

Allow everything.

That is not a search robot.

It will not index anything.

I have this page:

I crossed out the parameters because there are logins and passwords.

You have to put yours!

Corrected paths are underlined. Status is a green checkmark – it means everything works!

I decided to add a video from YouTube for registration in Adsense with the old interface.

Maybe someone (the interface) will like it more as the first commentator of this post – Phil, here he is:

Well, that’s all about Google context on this.

A separate plus from Google, except for the new Google Adsense interface.

In addition to this type of advertising, Google is currently engaged in advertising in feeds, games, videos, mobile content, in all kinds of search forms, and on parked domains.

In short, squeeze out to the fullest.

I would only like to add that this advertisement itself, apart from our complacency with you:

“So I have Google advertising worth it” nothing (one penny) will not give, you need to break through to the first pages in the search results to get search traffic to the site.

And for this, I recommend promoting (have not yet been banned) young sites on a service of complex website promotion!

In the same place, on September 6-7, 2011, this blog was banned at the “Gold” rate + some bonus in the form of 4000 different forums.

Over these three days, 2800+ letters have already been sent to the post office.

Links are still not enough 60+ added.

But it’s not yet time, most are not indexed, but something does not arise to add 10,000+ desire.

And it’s better that search engines find them naturally.

Otherwise, you never know.

We register and add the site to the appropriate field.

It’s a pity only for us.

PR does not play any role since it will not be on the page with our data for a long time.

Also, fill in the line site.

The fields of occupation and about yourself will be of the type of near-reference text.

So fill in accordingly for your site.

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