The Ultimate Guide for AdSense Monetization 2022

Webmasters, bloggers, website owners, and other internet entrepreneurs are always looking for ways that work with Adsense monetization for their websites.

Perhaps you’ve had this issue in the past or even right now.

You want to earn money but at the same time, you don’t want to lose your current audience either.

The advantage of earning an income via a website is that it doesn’t require much capital investment.

Furthermore, the cost of running the business can be quite low when compared with other forms of revenue generation such as opening up a brick-and-mortar retail store or selling services over the phone (such as insurance).

The latter requires massive infrastructure investments before any returns on investment can be realized whereas starting up an online venture only requires some basic tools and knowledge.

This guide is targeted at those who are having trouble monetizing their website or blog.

The core idea of this article is that you should focus on creating good content for your visitors and then offer up advertisements for potential companies who want to advertise their products.

The first part of this guide will cover the basics, including fundamental things like how Google AdSense works (i.e., what type of ads will be displayed), recommended ad sizes, compelling ways to make money via ads, etc.

Then the second half talks about other forms of website monetization aside from Google AdSense monetization.

How Does Google AdSense Work?

Google AdSense uses contextual advertisement.

Other forms of advertising (such as banner or text ads) are not “contextual” by nature.

For example, Google’s AdSense would not display ads for Coca-Cola until or unless it found a webpage related to or about Coca-Cola based on the keywords being used in the context of the page.

Ads will be displayed if and only if there is a high probability that the people clicking on those ads will actually visit the advertisers’ website and potentially purchase a product from them.

In other words, you can’t just slap some random banner across your web page and expect it to generate any revenue.

I’ll talk more about this later on in greater detail.

In order for any advertisement to get displayed, three key requirements have to be met:

1) There needs to be a clickable link or button to an advertiser’s website with enough text in it so that potential customers can see what category of products the advertiser is selling.

2) The content on your webpage must match up with the keywords or key phrases in the ads displayed by Google AdSense.

3) You cannot do anything illegal in order to trick people into clicking on these ads.

Your website will be assigned one main theme by AdSense when placing contextual advertisements.

Types of Ads That Will Be Displayed

Types of Ads That Will Be Displayed

You’ll usually find that there are two types of contextual ads appearing within any single webpage:

1) “Unrelated” ads – These are simply random ads related to the topic of your page (usually more generic).

For instance, one of the web pages in my blog was assigned the following ads:

2) “Related” ads – These are specifically related to your page’s topic.

Depending on your niche and how Google defines it, you’ll find that different types of ads may appear more frequently than others.

For example, if I wrote an article about fishing, then the related contextual ads would probably be centered around fishing-related products or services.

Nonetheless, all advertisements should be relevant to your audience.

Best CPM Ad Networks for Publishers

Ads That Will Be Displayed If You Sign Up for Google AdSense

Generally speaking, you might want to avoid signing up to become a publisher with Google AdSense because you don’t get to choose which ads are displayed on your website.

This is why most people sign up with more than one ad network (i.e., Google, Bing, etc.) and then use the one that makes them more money (or has a higher CTR).

Keep in mind: You can always leave Google AdSense or another ad network at any time.

How Much Money Will I Make?

You’ll find that there is no “one size fits all” answer for this question because contextual advertisements such as those provided by Google AdSense work along with keywords and search engines to determine how much CPC (cost per click) advertisers will be willing to pay for each visitor they receive from your website.

The amount of money earned will also depend on the market demand for your website’s niche.

Here are some benchmarks to expect with Google AdSense :

1) For an ad positioned in the direct center of a webpage, you should make at least $1 per 1,000 views.

However, if you have multiple ads within one page (i.e., two side-by-side ads), then the payout could be slightly lower because advertisers will split up their bids between both ads.

Alternatively, it could be slightly higher depending on how much competition exists due to other websites offering more than one contextual advertisement.

This is why having two or three contextually relevant ads all within the same article/post can actually increase your revenue by quite a bit!

2) If you have a large number of views in a single day, then you can expect your revenue to increase proportionally.

This is because when there are more pageviews, advertisers will bid higher for their ads.

3) Since Google AdSense can track certain user behavior, they will be able to charge an advertiser much more if the user visits the advertiser’s webpage within 24 hours after visiting your website (this is known as “remnant advertising”).

For example, let’s say that someone purchases a product from Amazon using my affiliate link.

If the same person visits Amazon again within 24 hours and clicks on another one of Amazon’s banner advertisements, then I would get paid anywhere between $.10 – $1.00 PER CLICK-THROUGH!

This is one of the many reasons that I recommend becoming an affiliate with Amazon instead of using Google AdSense.

Best Google AdSense Alternative 2022

Google AdSense Alternatives

Google AdSense is a great way to earn money from your blog.

Not only does it provide you with a simple-to-use interface that allows you to place ads on your site, but the program also provides analytics that shows how well each ad performs and where it’s placed.

However, Google isn’t always the best option for every publisher looking to monetize their content.

But… What if you want more options?

That is why I decided to cover this whole topic with Google AdSense Alternatives, as well so that this whole article would really be the ultimate guide in which each direction is covered and well explained.

If you’re looking for additional ways to make money with your blog, here are some Google AdSense alternatives that can help:

Monumetric 2022

Monumetric™ is a platform for performance marketing with a difference.

Monumetric delivers the most cost-effective and highest ROI social media marketing services to businesses of all sizes.

Monumetric’s team of experts carefully analyzes your brand, develops highly targeted Facebook ad campaigns, and monitors their results in real-time.

On average, their clients see a 30%+* improvement in their return from advertising spends with us compared to less targeted approaches.

We can’t claim this, we’re sure it varies from business to business because there are too many factors involved in the game for everyone to see a 30% growth.

Monumetric is a powerful media monitoring system that allows you to track your brand mentions on the Internet in real-time.

Media.Net is a “relatively” new ad network based in New York.

You can use it for mobile and desktop ads only.

There are no banners, popups, or any other types of traditional internet ads.

What makes Media.Net special?

You earn money from clicks AND from impressions.

So that means you get paid even if your website visitors never click on the advertisement!

Well technically speaking they do execute a click as soon as they load the page but still, it does count as an impression as well which can increase your earnings eventually, especially if there’s much more traffic to your site or blog.

And what’s also great is that the higher the CTR (Click Rate) – the higher your earnings are up to a certain point. 2022

Infolinks is one of the advertising alternatives to AdSense.

It is a pay-per-click advertising network that helps publishers generate revenue from their websites and apps.

Infolinks’s values propositions include no software required, fast setup, and ease of use.

Infolinks is a good option for publishers looking to monetize their websites without worrying about installation or development work.

Infolinks is easy to implement and simple to manage, making it an ideal choice for new users.

Advertisers working with Infolinks get access to the full potential of every webpage regardless of how small or large it is.

There are no minimum requirements when it comes to page size or content type, so any website can join in on the earnings.

Adversal is now among the top 10 ad networks like Google Adsense, with more than 400,000 websites using their services.

Their team has over 20 years of combined experience.

Adversal is one of the better ad networks, with tens of thousands of publishers all over the world.

They are considered one of the best AdSense alternatives because they offer quality performance and global reach. 

A simple integration procedure allows seamless monetization for both desktop and mobile applications.  

PropellerAds is one of the best AdSense alternatives.

PropellerAds is a peer-to-peer advertising network.

For those of you who don’t know, it works in a pretty simple way.

It’s a network where advertisers pay publishers for each click on an ad or impression served on their website by the publisher.

Publishers make money by publishing relevant ads and monetizing their online content with PropellerAds – all while keeping control over their content and user experience.


Additionally, the PropellerAds platform offers unbeatable support to its publishers – 24/7 customer support made up of in-house experts who are constantly monitoring publisher performance and traffic quality to ensure you get exactly what you need.

​Here are some reasons why you should look for ad networks ​like Google Adsense.

1) Google ads are not targeted.

We all know that Google will place ads according to your website niche, but this is different when you look at the publishers earning well using Adsense.

Most of them are in travel, dating niches.

2) Site owners usually end up with low CPM rates when they use Google ads because there are thousands of advertisers bidding for keywords like “SEO Services”, “Web hosting” or “health insurance quotes”.

This means you need huge traffic to earn much from Google Adsense.

But even if you get it, many times your CTRs (Click Through Rate) may be under 1%.

3) High CPC (Cost Per Click).

Best Niche for high CPC?

If you go through the PPC section on any big forums, you will see that there are hundreds of people who are looking for better alternatives to Google AdSense, daily.

If you check Google ads traffic and CPC rates in your niche, you can easily spot the problem.

4) “Harder” to get approvals: Most of you will start your journey with Adsense but might end up with an email from them saying that you cannot do that because you have low traffic or bad niche etc.

“However, you should have in mind that it is also “easy” on the other side, it is complicated to explain in just a few words.”

Tips for Increasing Google AdSense Earnings

5) No Instant withdrawal: I know it has been updated recently but still most publishers prefer instant payments like Paypal.

Other Types of Ads That Can Be Displayed on Your Website (Aside from Google AdSense)

If you want to make even more money through website monetization, then read my article on how to become an affiliate marketer.

You can also join other ad networks such as or Bidvertiser if you would like to diversify your online advertising portfolio.

Keep in mind: It’s important to understand that contextual advertisements are NOT the same thing as pop-ups or banner ads that appear at the top or bottom of a webpage.

Instead, these kinds of ads are specifically related to the content within each individual webpage.

Since contextual advertisements can’t be created with HTML alone, you may need to employ a web developer from web design company Melbourne or a website designer if you want to implement them on your own.

Why You Should Start Off with Google AdSense

Why You Should Start Off with Google AdSense (Even Though It’s Less Profitable In Some Cases)

Although I mentioned a few times in this article that signing up for multiple ad networks is ideal for testing different networks and maximizing profits, you should always start off by joining AdSense because it’s one of the easiest and most popular ad networks to join.

When the line is drawn at the end, AdSense pays best except in certain cases when you switch to another network and at that point, they pay a little more for a certain niche.

The best niche is Finance, which pays much more than the Health niche, for example.

Basically, Google AdSense is very friendly towards new bloggers, of course, others are also, but AdSense is still the best.

If you would like to become an affiliate marketer and instead of AdSense you might look for a different approach and start with something like Clickbank, then read my blog post about starting up with Clickbank, it is a step-by-step guide.

Affiliate Marketing Tips For 2022

How Paid Review Websites Make Money? 

As you will find out after reading the whole article, a lot of the techniques that I describe for website monetization can also be used in a variety of other industries outside of online publishing.

In fact, this is something that I personally did back when I was still earning my bachelor’s degree.

What is paid review website?

A paid review website is a site that accepts money to write positive reviews of various products.

Paid review websites are sites that allow customers to pay for product or service reviews.  

Typically, companies large and small alike will solicit paid reviewers for their products.

It may be the case that you have visited one of these sites out of curiosity, as they are becoming more commonplace on the Internet nowadays.  

If so, have you ever wondered where the money comes from?

How do these sites make any profits?

The answer is simple: Affiliate Marketing!

Affiliate marketing is a business model based on performance-based referrals, through which web publishers earn commissions by referring traffic to an advertiser’s website.

Paid review websites

So essentially how it works is that The Company pays Review Site X to advertise its brand/product/service on Review Site X’s website.  

Now, when a customer clicks on that referral link and subsequently purchases that product/service/brand, the company pays Review Site X the affiliate marketing fee.  

This usually ranges between 4%-10% of the purchase price.

It is known for companies to contractually obligate reviewers not to disclose they are being paid by reviewing their products in certain ways or disclosing information about how they earn money.

However, despite this precautionary measure, many of these sponsored reviews may be unhelpful due to incentives that affect review content.  

The resulting reviews would only discourage others from buying the products reviewed, thus creating an overall negative experience for customers visiting the site in question.

How much money do Paid Review Websites Make?

How Much Money do Paid Review Websites Make?

The amount varies on various factors such as how many reviews you have written, what product you are reviewing, if the company has given you any vouchers or coupons for free or discounted products, etc.

Usually, it ranges anywhere from $5 to $30 but it can go up to $150 per item depending on all of these factors combined.

How do paid review websites make money from affiliate links or contextual ads?

Well, they get paid by advertisers every time their link is clicked and/or someone makes a purchase using their referral link.

Some websites do not disclose that they are being paid commissions on certain products simply because it could decrease conversions if people felt that they were biased.

Therefore, you must be aware of affiliate commissions whenever you are doing product research on your own.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this type of commission-based business model!

In fact, it’s also used by popular websites such as Amazon.

How Can You Monetize Your Own Personal or Business Blog? 

Ways to Monetize Your Personal Blog

The main reason why most websites get started off the ground is that they want to make more money, which makes sense since most people can’t afford to be compensated for their time and effort.

Therefore, I will share all of my best strategies that helped me increase my earnings not only through AdSense, but I will also try and do everything in my power to cover as many fields as possible and transfer my knowledge to others.

Keep in mind: This guide’s goal is to teach you how to set up your website monetization the right way so that you earn as much money as possible from online advertisements.

Now that you have set up your blog, it is time to start thinking about how you can monetize it.

There are a number of ways to do this, and the approach that you take will depend on the type of blog that you have and your goals for it.

One option is to sell advertising.

This can be done as we already mentioned in this guide by hosting ads on your site or by contacting other companies to see if they wish to purchase advertising space.

Another option is to accept forms of payment for products and services that you offer.

For example, travel bloggers may be able to get free trips in exchange for writing about them, or a food blogger may be able to get paid for attending food events.

You can also use your blog to drive traffic to your other online properties. For example, you may have a shop on Etsy or a product that you are selling on Amazon.

By promoting these products on your blog, you can increase sales.

Whatever route you decide to take, remember that it takes time and effort to make money from a blog.

Do not give up if you do not see results immediately; keep working at it and you will eventually see success.

Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts and ideas with the world, and it can also be a lucrative way to make money.

Creating Your First Google AdSense Account

Creating your first Google AdSense account is extremely simple!

In fact, if you have a Gmail or YouTube account, then you might already have an existing Google AdSense account without realizing it.

Since I personally use Gmail for most of my digital security needs, I strongly suggest creating an email address with Gmail instead of with Yahoo Mail or Hotmail.

This will increase the chances of your AdSense approval by the ad network because they will be able to verify your identity more easily thanks to the information that is securely stored within your Gmail profile.

Next, go ahead and follow these steps below in order to start generating revenue from free website monetization:

Click on the “Sign Up” button.

Choose the email you want to attach to Google AdSense.

Type in your website URL.  

Make sure that you are 100% positive about the address of the website, especially if it’s not a subdomain of yours before proceeding because once you’ve applied for AdSense, there is no turning back!

Choose or create an existing website category.

Complete the registration process by following the prompts.

Next, fill out all additional information that is required by Google AdSense.

In both cases, I filled out my website monetization details as follows: “This website’s primary purpose is to inform users about _____.”

Fill in this section with your primary niche or topic.

For example, if you are a fashion blogger then your primary purpose would be to inform visitors about “fashion trends” and new products.

Blogging Tips for Beginners

If you have a personal blog or vlog then you can simply replace information from the previous sentence with relevant keywords such as beauty, fitness, lifestyle, etc.

“About how many page views per day do you estimate that your website gets?”

In other words, in either a range of estimated page views per day or you can choose to specify the exact number of views per day if your website is receiving more than 10,000+ page views.

“What are your estimated monthly earnings?”

Enter an estimation.

In other words, in either a range of monthly earnings or you can choose to enter an exact amount.

Check off “yes” when asked if you own the copyright for this site’s content.

If no then it will be necessary for you to fill out an additional form which is typically only required by certain types of websites that feature copyrighted material such as images and text.

Once again: This information is used by ad network companies so they can verify your identity and ensure that they do not receive any complaints from bloggers who might feel that their copyright has been violated.

How to Get Accepted to AdSense

Afterward, click on the “Submit” button and review everything that you’ve entered to make sure that there are no errors or typos – Click on “Post Site.”

Once Google AdSense approves your site, then you’ll finally be able to begin generating revenue with free website monetization strategies!

In the end, let’s learn how to place ads within different parts of your website…

How To Customize Google AdSense Ads & Earn Money From Free Website Monetization Strategies

Although Google AdSense is extremely easy-to-use thanks to its user-friendly interface, it also provides users with many different options for customizing ad layouts so that each blogger can maximize their overall monetization efforts.

Since Google AdSense uses highly-targeted ads based on tons of different factors, it’s important to make sure that you are choosing the best ad formats & layouts for your website.

For example, if you own a video blog then you should use YouTube as an advertising partner in order to earn money from advertisements placed at the end of your videos or within your channel page.

If you have a membership site then it would be wise to look into other industry-specific networks that will cater directly towards bloggers who cover topics related to health, fitness, dating advice, etc.

I have tried to answer the most important questions about Google AdSense monetization and I sincerely hope that I succeeded in that, if I did not, feel free to comment on what I missed and what would you like me to write next?

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