How to Make Easy money with Fiverr

I know, I know… You might think how this is just another “how to” make money on Fiverr article, just grabbing fast attention from rookies around the internet. Right?

Well, I can tell you just one thing and that is, I can not make you rich and I ain’t selling lies around here, ok?

I can not promise you going to get rich after reading all this, BUT, what I CAN PROMISE to you, if you do what I’m about to tell you, there is a good chance that…

If you never sold nothing on Fiverr, or, if you did in past but in last couple of months you have problems and nothing is working for you…

After reading this, there is a huge chance you can start selling, at first, just enough to bring your attention back and set on track!

I will stop wasting your time on talking and start with some action, you ready?

Fiverr is not what it used to be but, it is still #1 Freelance Network, remember that!

Just few days ago they added + $0.25 on already existing $2 fees and, buyers and sellers are not happy with this decision.

Anyway… Let’s talk business!

Fiverr doesn’t account for a large percentage of what I make my money with.

But, it is a site that you can as I said, honestly do anything with easily and quickly.

And that’s why it’s so useful for people whom don’t quite have a niche of working in or so.

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So, first up is.

Graphics and Design.

Now obviously you might not have any experience in any graphical or design-work, and that is not an issue at all.

I’ve ordered a fair amount from that category and I can tell you that a couple of the top 10 sellers, when purchasing a logo, will send you something that could be done in paint by a 7 year old on Adderall.

I think logos would be the easiest, but invitations, presentations, book covers and banner ads are all things in my opinion you will be able to do to Fiverr’s standards within a couple of days of serious learning.

There are other categories within GFX/Design:

  • Cartoons & Caricatures
  • Illustration
  • Photoshop Editing
  • Flyers & Posters
  • Business Cards & Stationery
  • Social media design
  • T-Shirts
  • Vector tracing

I don’t know how many logos I’ve bought from different sellers on Fiverr but it’s countless.

One of them, I ended up giving the lowest review possible cause the shit was so basic, like it was obvious he did it as fast as possible.

But, yet his reviews were top, and the “sample” pictures he had were of top quality.

That guy also had a tactic of having a sample picture that was the first one on the listing with his “Premium Logos for 50$”.

And then after the first pictures show a couple of other samples but really they were not to be compared to the quality of the logo I was sent.

That guy obviously has a team working for him, cause he has sold over 15K different logos, $75k worth just from the amount of reviews he has on that gig.

So I’d recommend for all of the above services, to download latest version of Photoshop.

Download whatever “megapacks” that are free for design work.

Google different niches like logo, banner etc. and you will soon have a nice big folder of different graphical work you can use for your making money on Fiverr selling.

After that, simply YouTube tutorials [6 Youtube Tips For Beginners] for logo/banner/illustration work etc., learning with YouTube tutorials is vital when learning with Photoshop, and also very easy to do.

I’ve even seen some adverts for people to remove background of picture.

Which some people will definitely pay $5 for, it’s simply 5 clicks, you need to invert, isolate and then delete a background and save.

I mean, Graphical work must be the easiest cause if it’s not in tutorials on YouTube, then it’s needed to be in your creative mind.

And that would be for the premium based graphical works.

If you stick to the $5 gigs then you can be a “newbie” at graphical work for sure.

Same thing goes for Video and Animation.

If you have 0% knowledge you can at least download some intro packs where you just pick a theme according to what the customer wants, and change the name.

Next up is: Online Marketing

Now this is the one that I’d say is probably a bit harder to do.

You need a bit more practice and knowledge but luckily both of those things are free. (For most human beings)

I’m not some “big fake guru baller” with Online Marketing, but I probably know more than 90% of other IMs.

12 years of building up constantly speaks for it!

I just saw an listing for $5 that said “I will look at your website with fresh eyes” with a advert-picture of somebody who is very obviously somebodies grandmother.

And another one on the same page with “I will critique your website based on my 1st impressions”.

How to earn money on Twitch?

Anyway why I’m writing this is because one of those guys has sold 485 orders of that $5 job.

That’s about 2500 fu**ing $ dollars for giving 1st impressions of a website.

So, how to make money on Fiverr without skills?

And this dude, he have all these hundreds of people who are eager to pay him $5 for a few short words he probably writes taking his morning dump?

Well because of his ad profile and description, if he was just random Joe with no interesting advert I can guarantee you…

Only a few dozen people if that would be eager to purchase, but this is a dude in a suit so he must be doing good in life, right?

He has an professional video where he talks about the five questions he will answer.

And on his profile description he writes about owning a media company.

How do we know that he actually does own that?

And how would anybody know if you wrote that you own a small media company as well?

I think you know where I’m getting to.

Throw in a couple extra questions and you’ll be on your way to earn $2500 and more for answering a few questions about a few hundred sites.

And answering those questions will probably give you knowledge or an idea.

Funniest thing is that he himself has chosen which five questions.

So as I wrote in my last post, you can pay a Fiverr to somebody on Fiverr to record an video.

Send a few messages to the different Fiverr sellers and tell them you want such and such text.

Just be clear that you need it to be spoken in a “salesy-way”.

It can’t be boring and should probably be somebody look-wise that the average consumer will think is doing well in life.

Another thing I would recommend to look into is to how to do free SEO and Keyword research.

How do I become an affiliate marketer for beginners?

If you aren’t on a budget you can research and purchase the best software online.

And, you’ll be able to have even greater results!

Anyway, most Keyword/Market Research people purchase on Fiverr is just standard stuff that could be found with a few hours of googling and once you have a system put in place, isn’t that hard at all.

Now things such as “Get traffic, or Video Marketing” might be harder if you don’t have the know how’s, but these are widely available to do research on, I’d recommend Black hat forum/s.

Writing reviews of products and websites that people pay you to do might be the easiest thing in all of this.

Next up is: Writing & Translation

You probably have read my other post so you probably know what I’m going to say…

WordAI, ain’t nobody got time to sit and write genuinely 100% new articles for $5!

Well, some people do but then you ain’t organizing your time correctly if you want to get “rich”.

So obviously WordAI for anything with writing blogs and such, although there are some services where you would specifically need to have a “brain doing the work”.

Proofreading & Editing if you are fluent in the language.

If you are multilingual, then you can do some easy translation.

Resumes if you are good with writing those.

But really I don’t have much to say in this area, WordAI is pretty much it.

To receive higher ratings and more customers there are a couple pretty simple steps.

Step 1 – Create a couple fake account’s.

Do people really do all this “black crap”?

Before we continue let me tell you few things…

EVERYONE is doing this, fake account’s, fake reviews, literally everyone you see on Fiverr!

From big dogs all the way down to newbies that are just starting.

If you don’t believe in this, I’m sorry…

Let the game play you (just to remind you, YOU need to play the game!).

Change your IP via proxy just incase.

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And purchase your gig a couple of times, and give yourself an attractive review.

You will lose 20% of your money in fees, but an review less gig isn’t going to attract any customers.

If you don’t like this one, you can go to various forums and buy fake reviews.

Example, BHW has great and cheap Fiverr review offers!

Just open your 3rd eye when dealing with random people online.

On BHW make deals ONLY with Jr VIPs!

If you need fake reviews, just comment down below and I will help you out.

Step 2 – Send a couple hundred fake hits/visitors to your Fiverr gig!

This will make your gigs impressions higher and make it more visible, various ways to do this.

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As well as use the right tags in your advert.

Last not but least, to have returning customers, have an incentive for them.

Offer them something extra for free with their next purchase.

Be quick with messages and happy, it’ll do you good right back at you.

As I said at the beginning of this article, I can’t make you rich but least I can do is to try and pump some adrenaline all over your body.

Wish you all the best!

If you have any question, feel free to comment about it.

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