23 Most Important SEO Ranking Factors

Well to put in a simplified context, the most important elements of search engine optimization and SEO ranking factors is the process of ensuring that your website can be found easier across the many different search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.

The technology and methods used to create the most important SEO ranking factor and ethical search engine-friendly websites are a science and art perfected here at MakeMoneyBuddy over the last in-depth and very busy 12 years.

The business owners must consider how they wish their online presence to be found by others searching for their services and products.

SEO ranking factors
SEO ranking factors

It really is pointless even considering investing money in having a website designed if you don’t consider applying even the most basic but still important SEO techniques.

Having the ability to expose your company to a global market of buyers and people searching for the information, advice products and services that you may offer is one of the most valuable commodities in today’s marketing and advertising circles.

Targeting in marketing is a strategy that breaks a large market into smaller segments to concentrate on a specific group of customers within that audience.


Maintaining that ability to place your company or business on the front page of the major search engines is paramount, especially when you understand that a huge percentage of users, based on professional data collected, rarely continue past the first page of the search results displayed to them.

The whole process of ethical SEO is to generate a good stature of relevancy for your website.

Obviously, when individuals go to search for an item or company service, they want to be presented with targeted results that closely match what they are searching for.

The power of doing this will result in your website being seen as being one with greater relevance than many of your competitors by altering and optimizing the content displayed on your website and the HTML coding.

In addition to creating strong linking strategies, creating unique optimized content, and much more to build your presence and to assist in boosting your position within the natural listings.

Strong Linking Strategies
Strong Linking Strategies

What exactly are we going to talk about today?

Today we will talk about the most important factors that are needed to reach your SEO goal, and the goal is definitely the first few positions on Google or Bing or any other search engine for your specific and desired word.

Today we will talk about all the necessary factors that you would have to agree on and take into action in order for your words and your site to rank as well as possible over time.

Due to the fact that more and more people are trying to improve their positions on Google through various Marketing Agencies, today we will talk directly about what you need to look for or, search when you are looking for one or you have already found an agency.

Keep in mind that we live in 2021, the time when sites passed and were ranked better than others by doing black hat methods is a thing of the past, the sooner you understand that and turn to white hat methods the better it will be for you.

Highly Flexible & Important SEO Factor

A highly flexible & most important SEO factor that, if carried out correctly, can form the majority basis of a business or company’s marketing campaign; SEO or searching for what is search engine optimization is tailored to individual circumstances.

Acting as a standalone marketing tool for a business or charity wanting to create a successful marketing campaign, for example, the opening of a new store or the release of a new product or as mentioned part of an ongoing, nationwide, or international marketing experience; SEO provides your website with the correct foundations to excel amongst the search engines.

top seo ranking factors
Important Search Engine Optimisation Factors

SEO Agency should continuously help redefine the most effective techniques used in creating the best methods of optimization, offering bespoke services to a wealth of clients from all different industries.

Many factors of a website can be manipulated and improved upon when carrying out SEO, providing an excellent basis for generating the targeted audience for your business.

With these most important SEO factors you can find peace of mind that your search engine optimization campaign will prove to be as rewarding as you want it to be, projecting your company profile, products, and services out to an audience actively searching for what you have to offer.

Staying on top of SEO takes a lot of research and experimentation. 

Google’s algorithms are constantly updated, so it’s important to stay tuned into the latest news.

With a bit of practice, you can become your own SEO expert.


Full professional website analysis and assessment

Providing each client with the correct technical advice on the many different levels, all marketing agencies must include the use of different coding and script usage, redirects, and offering assistance on hosting.

Creative content development to assist optimization

Keyword consultation, analysis, and research to provide the most beneficial building blocks for your SEO campaign.

Impartial and unbiased SEO training to give you a complete understanding of the work we and others do, targeting the industries that will provide the perfect results that you are searching for.

Discussing your requirements with the specially trained team will ensure that your website receives the professional assistance it deserves.

On-Page Optimization
On-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization

There are a lot of ways in which, collectively, search engine optimization provides one of the best possible means of advertising online.

It doesn’t just do this or that.

It is more elaborate and complex, hence the amount of work a good search engine optimizer will put into providing you with the results that work.

Your website has an interior and an exterior, to explain further there is the obvious internal part of your site; the different pages that link together (or should) shopping carts and pages that can be accessed by navigation bars on the homepage.

Use Your Target Keyword In The First 100 Words

This is an old-school on-page SEO tactic that still makes a difference.

All you need to do is use your main keyword once in the first 100-150 words of your article.

For example, in my article optimized around the keyword “email marketing”, I mentioned that keyword right off the bat.


On-page optimization is just one-half of the SEO process, involving web design work to make your site more accessible.

Website development where coding and scripts such as HTML coding and the correct usage of headers, titles, and meta keywords throughout, locating and correcting any stances of plagiarism (copied content), and creating a high caliber of optimized content to ensure the best relevancy for your site within the search engine results.

With greater relevancy, you will see increased traffic as you appear in higher search engine results under the targeted search terms you choose.

Needless to say, in this day and age of the internet, on-page optimization plays an important and key role in the effective marketing of many companies’ online marketing strategies, building the correct and most ethical ways to stay ahead of the competition.

Pay Per Click Management
Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click Management

Google and many other search engines’ fast track advertising solution, Pay Per Click advertising is designed to give you a temporary or permanent and efficient way to gain a first-page presence via sponsored links upon the major search engines.

Within PPC Management solutions, SEO Agency should carry out an in-depth analysis to determine the correct and most beneficial keywords or search terms that will bring traffic to your website.

A cost-effective and highly productive way to reach a selected audience, professional Pay Per Click Management service ensures that you get the most from your budget, regardless of how much you have to spend.

Thanks to some commitment agencies and expertise in offering a tailored and bespoke advertising solution, they have the ability to combine both SEO services and a customized PPC campaign to optimize your online presence.

Once you’ve created your new campaigns, you’ll need to manage them regularly to make sure they continue to be effective.

In fact, regular account activity is one of the best predictors of account success.

You should be continuously analyzing the performance of your account and making the following adjustments to optimize your campaigns.


Calculating the different factors involved in any Pay Per Click system, good agencies will have what it takes to best advise you on the right keywords to use, the most appealing advert content and headings to incorporate and offer a comprehensive and complete service that includes:

Calculating your recommended budget

  • Working with you to calculate the minimum cost per click per keyword
  • Designing the most relevant and effective adverts to keep your costs low
  • Providing in-depth tracking statistics and analytics to show your traffic volumes and demographics amongst other informative criteria.

Furthermore, agencies should have the tools to perform effectively within any industry and welcome all businesses whether large or small and work closely with existing accounts to lower monthly costs in addition to setting up new accounts for their customers. 

What to look for exactly when hiring a marketing agency?

In-Depth Knowledge

Always look for Google / Adwords Professionals, that have been in the Pay Per Click Management industry for a while, they should know Adwords like their own backyard.

Ask questions, check their testimonials, look if there are any fake testimonials

Account Setup

Setup services are available to get you started with Google Adwords and start promoting your business.

Campaign Management

Campaign management to monitor your ad and customer performance by reviewing keywords, bids, and many other details and updating as needed to improve your campaign

Customer Support

Quality customer support via telephone and e-mail is always important, support that is available when you need them should always be your priority and something to look for. 

Performance Reporting

Detailed reporting from us on your ad performance. 

Not all agencies are the same, though.

While some agencies can completely transform your business and generate lots of revenue, others can fall short of your expectations.

They might be unqualified or they might not have a big enough team to support your business.


Simplified Billing And Payment

Agencies should provide invoices on Adwords expenditure allowing you to keep track of your PPC spending

Local Search Visibility

Giving local businesses the ability to boost their presence within their chosen areas.

If you run Agency, always look and thrive on offering the best ethical practices to enable you to attract local customers to your website.

If you’re looking to improve your current audience then Local search Visibility is the solution for you.

It may come as a surprise that approximately 80% of individuals using the internet to search for local businesses use Google Maps and with help, you too can achieve success using this helpful and handy marketing tool.

A popular feature now on many mobiles with enabled internet browsing, Google Maps offers viable results fast when you’re on the move.

Not confined just to Google, Yahoo and Bing also offer local search facilities, making it a highly effective and beneficial tool for your local business.

Working for you not just locally but also on a global scale, Local Search Visibility is a solution that people you hire have to constantly monitor to offer the most profitable results for their customers.

seo ranking factors

Search Friendly Design

Whatever your business or industry, whether you are a well-established company or a new enterprise starting out for the first time, your online presence is critically important.

Giving you the power to reach a targeted audience, incorporating a Search Friendly Design not only gives your website a professional look and feel but provides the potential to excel online. 

Having the resources to build up a completely bespoke and individualized web presence from conception to completion, search for a dedicated and expert team of website development and design consultants that have the experience to fulfill your requests.

When you choose Agency, you should also receive an aesthetically inspired website, designed to meet your requirements that also contains the correct and ethical On-Page Optimisation work required to offer superior rankings within the natural organic search results.

Below is a breakdown of just what some agencies include as part of their service as well as what you need to look for:

On-Page SEO

  • Sleek and professional web design
  • Only ever a single one-off payment, zero ongoing payments with only yearly hosting to pay
  • Work on your design until you are happy with the results
  • Up to date CMS (content management system)
  • Securing of the domain name and subsequent management
  • As many email accounts as you require
  • Flash Animation to bring a touch of class to your site
  • Company branding and logo design
  • Competitive and competent website hosting and expert support to assist you if ever you need
  • Full analytics or visitor statistics to provide an in-depth understanding of your websites current audience
  • Free Google Adwords Vouchers to use on CPC advertising
  • Images and photography within your bespoke website design

Online Reputation Management

Having slanderous material and purposefully negative press written about your company or website on the internet, whether via forums or blog posts, can really have a detrimental effect on your company profile and reputation.

Having such information written about you and your business, whether exaggerated or completely false, the negative impact on the number of visitors to your site can be quite astounding.

Always look for solutions that are designed to minimize the damage or harm that such incriminations can have on your success.

Agencies have to assist you in restoring your good name and improving your online outlook is just another service they will offer in a complete and comprehensive array of search engine optimization tools.

Reversing the damage done by others, reverse SEO techniques and professional tactics enable you to breathe a sigh of relief once more.

Video Marketing
Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Offering a professional and visual stimulant for your online presence, Video Marketing is rapidly becoming a key option for websites wishing to take on a successful way of advertising their products and services.

The use of video material on websites provides your business with a voice, delivering a spoken introduction to a vast audience and presenting you as a company in a professional light.

Considered to be a great strategy for marketing purposes, promoting your products and services and offering a level of interaction that is cost-effective and highly bespoke, Video Marketing captures the attention of visitors more quickly and easily than content alone.

Look for proficient experts in applying the correct formats to your website that can vastly improve your traffic volumes by incorporating the latest in Video Marketing solutions today to turn casual internet browsers into purchasing customers for your business.

Article Submission

The use of articles submitted to news and information websites has become a popular way to add extra strength to your online marketing campaign.

Providing itself as a valuable marketing tool to provide an excellent way to create purpose-built backlinks to your website.

Immediate and professional results are easily achieved with the right assistance, something we know and understand all too well.

Article Submission is a process that works as an ideal way to generate interest in your website, in addition to being a superb tactic to enhance naturally occurring organic search engine traffic to your website.

Using select sites to publish your articles, encourages strong links to be created for your site, giving you an even greater advantage over your competition.

Directory Submission

A key factor in any search engine optimization campaign, the involvement of directory submissions for your website is critical.

Directory Submission is, as you would imagine, the process of submitting your website’s links to purpose-built directories spread across the internet.

The links that are created from applying your website to different directories are highly beneficial and work to provide strength for your online presence.

Everything you do to promote your business online relies on the ability to build a successful website, which not only features excellent on-page optimization but also an exceptional cache of external linking strategies, designed to push you further up the natural listings.

With the right Directory Submission [no black hat methods that will ruin your site] solutions, your site will flourish.

Tips For A Press Release That Will Gets Noticed
Tips For A Press Release That Will Gets Noticed

Press Release Distribution

Press Releases work in a similar way to article submission services, acting as another means of widening your advertising repertoire.

Establishing successful backlinks to your website, Press Release Distribution methods, if used correctly, can and will prove to be a formidable addition to your advertising and marketing arsenal.

Your press release should not be lengthy.

Remember journalists do not spend more than a minute going through a press release.

To make your press release brief and to the point, remove all the unnecessary information that does not add value to the reader.


Press releases are professionally written from a journalistic point of view and can be used in many ways to create interest indirectly towards products, services, news, and events connected with your business or company.

Agencies work to produce high-quality press releases to benefit your company, providing a solid and ethical addition to your online marketing campaign and complementing the current search engine optimization processes that you have in place.

Press Release Distribution techniques offered by some, take quality press releases that are beneficial to you and redistribute them to many sites that are committed to advertising purposeful press releases, aiding your business further.

Classified Posting

Classified Posting works in a similar way to article submission or press release submissions for your company, acting as another great way to improve your online presence.

In today’s busy and rapidly moving world, the majority of website owners want to do whatever they can to gain a positive reputation and relevancy across the major search engines.

Many do depend on classified posting to increase their online sales, allowing a fantastic way to portray their individual brand awareness to their targeted audience.

Proving to be a popular aspect of online advertising, more so in today’s world, the addition of involving classified posting services can make a noticeable difference to how you maintain your website online.

Copywriting Tips for 2022


Let’s face it if your website content is scattered with grammatical errors or badly written script, there is little hope of portraying the right image to potential clients visiting you online.

Few understand the importance of correct application of content, whatever medium you wish to apply it to.

Copywriting is a skill that if applied incorrectly can have a seriously detrimental effect on the performance of your website.

While great writing is truly an art, those looking to improve their craft as a copywriter can find a lot of help from behavioral psychology and neuroscience studies.


Search for agencies that will excel in producing exceptional optimized content that not only creates the right image for your business but will also provide a formidable platform to achieving greater success within the natural listings across the search engines.

Following a simple rule that ‘content is king’ and improvising the most beneficial, unique content for your website requires a certain skill and attention to detail.

Providing a professional presence for your targeted audience, a content-rich website offers greater relevance over competing sites and bodes well with search engines to deliver a successful and aesthetically literary internet presence for you, your company, and the products and services you supply.

Last but not least…


Developing a quick, convenient, and professional way to monitor the performance of your website is, as you can imagine, something all website owners find important.

Having access to informative and effective website analytics not only allows you to understand where your traffic is arriving from but additionally gives you a full breakdown of visitor demographics, search engines used to find you, any offline advertising you use that enables visitors to type in your website address and so much more.

Enabling you to collect important data about your website traffic volumes and then giving you the ability to compare results and analyze them, you can gain a very accurate picture of your online performance.

All in all, Analytics provide an exceptional basis for targeting areas of your online advertising campaign that may need improvement, therefore helping you to maintain a professional and successful online presence that will generate the desired results for you.

Always look for authorized analytic consultants, that offer advice and assistance on the most important top SEO ranking factors so that you gain complete confidence when initializing Analytics for your website. 

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