22 Incredible Link Building Strategies For 2022

Since the dawning of the Internet, search engines have been using complex algorithms to deliver relevant results to link building strategies to their users.

And it’s no game – companies’ revenues are dependent on their ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs).

But instead of moaning about traffic lost because of Google updates, you can do something proactively.

We collected our 22 favorite link building strategies for the future so you won’t get penalized by Google and can rank higher in 2022!

In this day and age, you will hardly find a digital marketer who isn’t familiar with link building or has never built links before.

Even clients on Fiverr where you can get the lowest quality possible when it comes to SEO in general, know what they should expect from an SEO campaign.

As a matter of fact, link building is one of the most requested services our customer’s order.

So, if you are on board with link building, let’s look at some future-proof strategies you can employ in 2022 and later.

#1 Automating Every Task You Can Imagine With AI And Machine Learning Tools

Machine Learning and AI

If there is one thing that corporations all over the world agree upon, it’s that they want to automate almost every possible task nowadays – from repetitive tasks to back-office operations.

But automation tools aren’t limited to big corporations only.

Even small companies can use them for everyday routine tasks such as outreach calls or manual checking of thousands of websites for broken links.

We covered an example of how a small business saved around 20 hours a week using automated link building tools, the article is still in making process.

The most popular automation tools used by SEO agencies and digital marketers:

Ahrefs for backlinko.com

Buzzsumo (social sharing for outreach)

SEMrush (keyword and link research, competitor analysis)

Ahrefs (link building with seed lists, website audits)

Scrapebox (scraping with built in proxies)

Of course, we don’t need to say that you should use most of these awesome tools.

But keeping an eye on such projects as well as checking the updates from their founders will give you a head start when looking for new link building strategies that work.  

A New Way Of Working With Link Sources

#2 A New Way Of Working With Link Sources

Link building is presented as one of the most complex tasks in SEO nowadays.

And it’s not without reasons – link sources you can use for your campaign are drying up pretty fast, while the standards keep rising.

Luckily, there is a ‘new kid’ on the block that allows finding link opportunities that were simply inaccessible before.

It’s called Ubersuggest and it’s one of the best link building tools available now.

Using Ubersuggest will allow you to quickly discover thousands of relevant sites waiting for your outreach email or contact form submission – all with just one click.

You can also generate lists of dofollow blog comments, forum profiles, and Jigsaw profiles in minutes if not seconds!

An unlimited number of backlinks, demographic filters for specific countries/regions/cities + many more features make Ubersuggest an absolute must-have in your toolbox.

#3 Forget About Guest Posting, Build Your Own Blog Network!

Build Your Own Blog Network

A lot of marketers and digital agencies in Europe (the US is not that far behind) keep blaming guest posting for low-quality link building.

And we totally understand their concerns – with the latest Google updates, it’s getting harder to rank even when you’re using white hat SEO methods.

That’s why we recommend you build your own blog network so you can get high-authority backlinks whenever you need them!

You can either use multiple WordPress accounts or a single one and install the Akismet Spam Protectionor “Antispam Bee” plugin which will prevent spam from entering your blog comments section.

But what about outreach?

We wrote about how to do outreach with a private blog network here.

#4 Get Ready For Link Building On Mobile Devices!

Link Building On Mobile Devices

It might sound surprising to some, but mobile traffic is taking over too.

According to studies, more than 50% of all traffic on the web is now coming from mobile devices.

What does this mean?

Simple – with videos lately, don’t you think?

From YouTube’s first page you need to optimize your site for mobile users especially if you want to rank high on Google Play and App Store searches.

Build Links With Video Marketing

#5 Build Links With Video Marketing

It seems like Google became obsessed with video content lately.

This year we’ve seen a lot of changes with all Google updates so far concerning the ranking factors for videos.

Not just with YouTube, the same happened to Vimeo in particular.

And according to my observation, they’re not stopping anytime soon.

If you haven’t done so yet, I suggest you start focusing your link building efforts on YouTube and Vimeo channels right away or risk losing organic traffic from search results very soon!

Even though it might seem too technical at first, getting high authority links using video is easier than most people think.

You just need to learn the basics such as how to upload videos properly and then get into more specific things such as integrating annotations or watermarks.

Link Building With Virtual Assistants

#6 Link Building With Virtual Assistants

Link building is nearly always associated with manual link building.

This is the reason why most webmasters are looking for handcrafted link builders who can help them with their SEO campaigns.

Now let me ask you – do you think that your backlinks would be any different if they were created by a real, breathing person?

Using virtual assistants might just be the thing that will save you time and money!

You can use freelancers like MrDenz to get high authority links at scale.

Contact him for any SEO help, he will give you advice, talk to you and tell you what is the best link building strategies for you and your business.

Avoid Free Link Building Tools

#7 Avoid Free Link Building Tools

With the constant rise of different free and paid tools, SEO is slowly stopped being a set of tools and becomes an ecosystem designed to revolutionize your entire approach to SEO.

I know how much time it will save me as a marketer/online entrepreneur which is why I think it’s worth every single penny.

And this is just one example – you’ll find a lot of useful SEO tools that will help you with link building and much more.

#8 Get Insanely High Authority Backlinks Without Any Work!

For years we’ve struggled to get quality backlinks and traffic from search engines on many of our own private sites because we were using outdated and ineffective strategies such as forum marketing strategy.

Now, thanks to the latest updates Google made to their algorithm, it’s easier than ever before to build high authority links without doing any outreach!

All you need is internal linking so be sure not to ignore this simple SEO technique which can skyrocket your rankings in no time.

Build Links With Content Syndication
Image Source: digitalnuisance.com

#9 Build Links With Content Syndication

If there’s one thing I know for certain when it comes to link building, then that would be guest blogging.

Not only does it let you acquire high authority backlinks from relevant websites, but it also helps with branding.

And when it comes to building links, that’s even more valuable for your business!

The only problem is that I hate writing articles myself along with doing outreach which is why I use content syndication instead.

#10 Get Quality Backlinks With The Help Of Your Existing Network

One of my favorite strategies when it comes to link building is creating a private network.

It has so many benefits such as giving your brand a personal touch and allowing you to build a list of potential link prospects who might be willing to share your content or provide you with a review.

Additionally, if done right, this approach can skyrocket your rankings in no time!

For example, Neil Patel shares proven strategies on how to increase your organic traffic by 206%.

Get Quality Backlinks With The Help Of Your Existing Network

#11 Get More Traffic From Google With Guestographics

One of the biggest problems that come with guest blogging is having your content stolen.

That’s why it always pays off to partner up with someone who has a big-enough audience to not only share your content on social media but also give you a backlink for free.

You can tell if they’re going to be willing to do this by checking out their previous posts and going through comments – they must have decent engagement levels!

If they do, then there’s a good chance that you’ll get what you want from them without having to read articles similar to yours on other websites.

#12 Get More Backlinks With The Help Of Product Reviews

There’s a thin line between product reviews and paid links, but most marketers tend to ignore this dilemma.

In fact, they go as far as telling their clients that getting links from websites is hard without having to reveal that it can be easy with the help of payment!

But no matter how unethical this might sound, there’s nothing wrong with properly disclosing your remuneration in exchange for a link.

And if you want to make sure you don’t get penalized by search engines, make sure to properly disclose your affiliation with a clear disclaimer.

Rank Higher On Google Using Video SEO

#13 Rank Higher On Google Using Video SEO

Did you know that 64% of people are more likely to buy something after watching an explainer video?

That’s because it provides them with the necessary information to make a decision and that’s exactly what you want when building links.

You might wonder why this is important in regards to link building, but the answer is pretty simple:

Regardless of your niche, videos tend to get shared on social media which can drive traffic and backlinks to your website if done right!

#14 Get More Backlinks With The Help Of Link Reclamation  

Have you ever considered asking bloggers who’ve previously linked to you for a backlink?

Well, there’s nothing wrong with doing so because it allows you to build high-quality backlinks from relevant websites and provide value at the same time.

If done correctly, this approach will do wonders for your brand especially if you’re just starting out with link building.

In other words, do not hesitate to contact every blogger that has linked to you in the past and politely request a backlink!

Get Your Site Indexed Fast Using Guest Blogging

#15 Get Your Site Indexed Fast Using Guest Blogging

Although guest blogging is one of the best ways to acquire high-quality backlinks, it can also hurt your site’s indexation which is terrible if you want people to find your content.

Luckily, there are tools like Help A Reporter Out (HARO) that allow you to get in touch with journalists who are looking for experts like yourself.

All you have to do is send them an email where you explain why they should consider including you as an experienced source when writing their next article.

But make sure to follow their guidelines and provide them with value!

#16 Get More Backlinks Using Comment Marketing

There’s nothing better than commenting on high-ranking sites in your industry!


Well, because most of them share their new content on social media and allow people to comment on it – which is a great way to build backlinks and get noticed.

That being said, finding these websites takes time and that’s exactly why we recommend using Google Alerts.

This tool allows you to track specific keywords and receive all the newest posts related to them in real-time.

After setting up this process once, you’ll be able to add your own custom keywords such as “top” or “quality” so you can go through every post on the first page of Google.

Use The Help Of Influencers To Boost Your SEO
Image Source: linkedin.com

#17 Use The Help Of Influencers To Boost Your SEO

This might require some time depending on how you go about doing it but there’s nothing better than asking an influencer to link your content.

Not only will this help your brand get noticed by thousands of people, but they’ll also check out what you’ve created and share it with their audience.

Even though links shared in comments don’t count, getting backlinks from high-ranking sites is great for boosting your SEO rankings fast! 

However, keep in mind that most influencers are too busy to look at every piece of content that gets sent to them so be sure that yours stands out!

#18 Get More Backlinks With The Help Of Content Upgrades

Although this tactic might seem controversial, it actually works – especially if you’re not afraid to experiment.

See, there’s a specific WordPress plugin that allows you to add an image or anything else on top of your content.

Then, people who are likely to share your posts have the opportunity to place their logo on it so they can get more exposure.

Grow Your Social Media Presence Using Backlinks

#19 Grow Your Social Media Presence Using Backlinks

We’ve talked about why you need social media for SEO purposes several times before but did you know that building backlinks also help boost your rankings?

Simply put, Google tends to favor websites with more social media activity which means that every time someone shares one of your posts on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, you get more authority by association!

However, don’t forget to add a call-to-action at the end of your articles so people have an incentive to share.

#20 Find Comment Leads Using Your Competitors Backlinks

If you want a quick win when it comes to building backlinks, then you should consider finding opportunities by using some reverse engineering.

In other words, find out which sites rank on top of Google for certain keywords and contact them!

If done correctly, you can convince these webmasters to link back to your site once they realize how much value you provide.

But keep in mind that this strategy only works if you offer something useful such as data, statistics, something that have value – not just another piece of content.

Once again, be sure to give people an incentive such as asking them to share it on social media!

Now, the answer is to get backlinks from high-ranking websites because research has shown that outbound links are among the most important SEO factors.

Not only do these enhance your brand awareness but they also make Google see you as an authority in your niche.

That’s why we recommend using the aforementioned process whenever you publish a new blog post or landing page.

But there’s more…

Use Native Advertising To Boost Your Links
Image Source: appsamurai.com

#21 Use Native Advertising To Boost Your Links As A Source And Get Backlinks At The Same Time

Another great way to get backlinks in any niche is by using native advertising.

Without a doubt, these platforms are growing more and more popular each day which means you can’t afford to miss out on this opportunity.

Although the process might seem simple at first, it’s worth mentioning that you need special skills when it comes to advertising your brand on sites such as BuzzFeed, WSJ…

#22 Become More Popular And Increase Your Links With Reddit

Although some people tend to disagree with us on this one, we still think that Reddit has a lot of value.

Basically, every time someone shares your content on this platform, you have the chance of getting all sorts of backlinks depending on how interesting it was for their audience.

However, keep in mind that SEO is more than just a set of tactical tasks.

It’s about understanding how search engines work and coming up with strategies that will help you rank higher in 2022.

But it doesn’t stop there – we’re always on the lookout for new link building strategies and tactics, so we compiled our favorite 10 must-know ideas to share with you here today!

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