Starting up with ClickBank in 2021 Step By Step

For all of you that don’t know what Clickbank is, it’s actually one of the best old affiliate marketing platforms!

Starting up with ClickBank in 2021 Step By Step

The main question is, “can I and how to make money with Clickbank”, the simple answer is, YES!

You should look for the best offers whether you are new or you already have an established audience now!

Clickbank is the right place for everyone and after reading this it’s going to be much easier starting with Clickbank!

So let’s start.

Step 1 – How To Open Clickbank Account ClickBank

Starting up with Clickbank is easy and free, follow up this step by step guide.

Fill in all the information and personal details so that Clickbank knows where to send your affiliate commission checks.

Choose a user name for your account, it’s important that you understand what this is before choosing one.

User name will be used to login to your Clickbank account, it will also be used as your Clickbank ID.

ID will be present in your affiliate links when you promote stuff and, therefore, customers will be able to see your ID while they are purchasing.

You may choose any Clickbank ID that you’d like (assuming it’s not already taken by someone else).

But you may want to keep in mind that this is not just a personal login ID that only you will use privately, but also a public identification in the Clickbank marketplace.

Choose your Clickbank ID wisely!

Step 2: Get Your Affiliate Link

The entire process of creating affiliate hop links and starting up with your Clickbank ID is explained below.

But for your convenience, Clickbank created a handle tool that allows you to quickly grab affiliate links for most popular products.

Just enter your Clickbank ID in the appropriate field, choose your Clickbank products to promote, and hit the submit (Generate Affiliate Link) button.

Voila, your hop link will appear ready to copy and paste into your promotional material.

Once you have signed up as an affiliate at Clickbank, all you need to do before you can start promoting, you need to create your custom affiliate hop link.

This is the link that you will be used to direct traffic to your sales page and Clickbank products to promote is the way that Clickbank keeps track of the traffic and sales that you refer to your Website or Landing Page.

You can place this link on your website, in emails, or on social networking sites, and many other places.

How these hop links work

Once someone clicks through your affiliate hop link, they will be redirected to your sales page and a tiny tracking file called a “cookie” will be placed on the user’s computer.

This notifies Clickbank that the visitor was sent by your referral, and makes sure that YOU get paid for any sales as a result.

These tracking cookies last up to 60 days (Clickbank’s policy).

So, if a prospective customer clicks through your affiliate hop link and makes a purchase that same day, or comes back at any time within 60 days to purchase, your Clickbank account will be credited with the sale.

How to Create Your Affiliate Hoplink

Note: If you don’t format your links correctly, they will not function properly, and you may not receive the commissions.

Fortunately, it’s not complicated at all and only takes a minute.

There are two types of hop link formats that you can use: the standard starting up with the Clickbank version and the encrypted version.

They both do the same thing, but you may prefer one format over the other.

Here’s a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of each, along with detailed instructions for how to create them:

A) Standard Hop Links (recommended)

The standard affiliate hops link format is the manual method.

It doesn’t require any technical expertise just a minute or two to learn how it works.

The advantage that this hop link format offers is that you will always know whether it is formatted correctly or not, and you’ll also be able to take advantage of some advanced affiliate marketing strategies down the road.

Here is a quick guide to creating your Standard Hop Link upon starting with Clickbank:

1) This is the standard Clickbank affiliate hop link format (this one is NOT formatted yet):

2) First, you need to insert for example “Health” (vendor name) into the “vendor id” field like this:

3) Once you’ve inserted the correct vendor name, all you have to do is replace the “YourClickbankID” field with your Clickbank ID (the same as your Clickbank username).

Here’s an example

If your Clickbank ID is “TestingTest,” then what you are promoting “affiliate hop link” would look exactly like this:

That would be functioning of the affiliate hop link for the Clickbank user “TestingTest,” and would direct traffic to your sales page.

And that’s all there is to it – simple, right?

B) Encrypted Hoplinks

If you’d prefer not to use the manual method, then you can also create an encrypted affiliate hop link automatically using a Clickbank tool.

This has added security and identity protection benefits but also makes it more challenging to ensure your hop link is actually functioning properly.

Also, at this time, there are some advanced affiliate marketing strategies that can only be employed with the standard hop link format.

If you’d like to use an encrypted affiliate hop link, please follow the instructions below:

1) Visit the Clickbank Marketplace (opens new window).

2) Search for the offer Clickbank products to promote you want to promote by typing “Health” into the search box. (Example).

3) Find your listing in the search results, and click the big “Promote” button.

4) Follow the instructions to enter your Clickbank ID as the “account nickname” (ignore the Tracking ID field for now). Click the Create Button.

5) The window will pull up two options, both with a lot of randomized letters and numbers (that’s the encryption).

The first is a direct hop link without HTML formatting, and the second is the same hop link with added HTML formatting (for placing on some types of webpages).

We recommend that you copy and paste BOTH formats and save in a safe place where you’ll remember it (a .txt file on your hard drive is perfect).

Step 3: Promote (Marketing Basics)

How to Make Your First Sale By Promoting Clickbank products?

There are many ways to promote as an affiliate, and there’s something for everybody.

Whether you have a website or not, have money to spare or no money at all, and whether or not you are a good writer, there are ways to make money as an affiliate.

We’re here to get you started on the right foot, and jump-start you towards your first sale.

10 Simple Ways to Promote ClickBank Offers To Help You Start Earning Affiliate Commissions Today

Here is a list of the easiest and best ways to start promoting.

There are many others, of course, but this should be where most first-time affiliates start off.

1. Write a product review

After you’ve reviewed the offers on Clickbank, one of the best ways how to make money with Clickbank is to write a review or endorsement about the product, explaining the pro’s and con’s and who would be interested in using it.

You can write and publish the review on your website, in an email newsletter, or somewhere else.

The best type of review is one that is by someone who has actually used the program itself.

If you have a success story or testimonial to share, you should definitely publish a product review including details about your experience using it.

Don’t worry if you have not used any of the products you about to promote.

Most affiliates never use particular products but still, because of the good writing and perfectly explained product, they make a commission every day!

2. Create A Blog

This is by far, one of the best ways to make money online as an affiliate!

Because it’s one of the best and easiest ways to get a website of your own.

You can have a free Blogger or WordPress blog running in minutes, and there are also many free “micro-blogging” sites available.

Or you can simply buy a new .com domain plus a hosting plan for a year, it’s not really expensive, around $25.

If you have a blog, all you need to do is mention the affiliate product and publish your affiliate hop link in your blog articles, in text or banner ads in the sidebar, or even just in your links list (e.g. blogroll).

3. Send a solo email via broadcast

If you have an email newsletter list, then one of the most effective ways to promote Clickbank offers is to send a solo email endorsing the program.

This involves sending a promotional email with the sole purpose of selling your products and is by far the most effective way to sell.

If you don’t have an email list already, then make it a priority to get one established and growing.

Building your mail list is very important for your business!

4. Publish an article about your offer

Another great way to promote your offers is to publish a high-quality article on your website.

Writing your own articles and promoting at the same time your offers, make you unique for your site to help your search engine rankings.

This is a great way to provide valuable content to your visitors, while at the same time, offer a “soft-sell” call-to-action at the end of the article.

5. Make a promotional video

You can also make a promo video about your offer and upload it to YouTube (or another popular video sharing site).

This can be a video review, in place of a written review, or it can be something else entirely.

Maybe you’d like to demonstrate a particular “workout or film” a testimonial about your success using some offer.

Whatever you decide, be sure to focus on providing value for the viewers.

Think about what a prospective buyer would want to see, and then provide that in your video.

Don’t forget to place your affiliate hop link in the video description.

6. Publish a text link

One of the easiest ways to promote offers is to publish a text link to your sales page anywhere that you might normally place a link (using your custom affiliate hop link instead of an un-formatted link).

You can place a link in an article on your website, in an email newsletter, in a blog comment or forum post, or on a social networking site like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter.

7. Publish a banner ad or product image on your website

Another easy way to promote is to publish a banner advertisement or product image on your website from your offers.

A few good places would be on a high-traffic page of your site that is relevant to the bodyweight training niche, in the sidebar, and especially in the top fold of your site (what people see when they first land on your site without scrolling down).

Please double-check to ensure that your affiliate hop link is embedded into each promotional image and properly formatted in the image’s HTML code.

If it’s not formatted properly, you won’t get credit for any sales that result from clicking through.

It’s not uncommon for sales conversion rates to increase when you combine thoughtful placement of banner ads in addition to relevant sales copy.

8. Modify an existing article to sell MORE

If you have a website with some pages that get good traffic already, then you can modify those pages to direct them towards the sales page offer.

It would be best if these pages were already on topic for the offer theme.

For example, a great page would be an article about “Health” or “Training” or even a specific training workout.

Obviously, you can add text links or banner ads inside of that article to direct traffic to our sales page.

However, one of the best ways to do this is to include a brief paragraph stating “for more information about yoga training, click here to check out the ‘name of the program’.”

Blending this call-to-action into the conclusion of your article is a great way to ask for a sale, without a high-pressure offer.

9. Set up a Squidoo page or Hubpages hub

These free services allow you to set up a single webpage about a specific topic.

So, you could publish a product review or an article about health and training, and then include your affiliate hop link at the bottom for more information.

10. Start learning the ropes of PPC marketing

If you have a budget with money available for advertising expenses, then one way to market your offer is using Pay-Per-Click Marketing.

This involves bidding on certain keywords and writing short text advertisements for highly-targeted viewers.

PPC marketing is one of the most effective types of affiliate marketing, but it’s also one of the most difficult to learn and master.

It’s very easy to spend a lot of money without making a profit, and a lot of new affiliates lose out in the beginning if they’re not prepared.

That’s why we recommend you invest some of your money in some basic PPC educational courses like Guide to Google Adwords (one of the best resources currently available for learning how to master PPC marketing).

Those are ten of the best ways to promote the offers, products, and programs as an affiliate.

Of course, there are many other methods, but these are among the best and will get you started on the right track.

If you have any questions about promoting Clickbank offers, please Contact Us for specific inquiries.


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